Dec 022011

In this picture it looks like Shania can’t wait to strip out of her clothes and be painted with sperm. Unfortunately for the tiny brunette she wasn’t fast enough and only managed to partially remove her jacket before taking a load between her enormous tits. In the end though her undressing means nothing as she is repeatedly shot in the face by the gooey cum and is forced to hold her breath or drown in the thick white cream. It would be very arousing to watch her pull the ribbon holding her pants up and wiggle out of her jeans to expose more flesh for the artist and treat all the people watching to her huge tits dangling under her as she does it. The hot little bitch is an entertainer from her tits to her ass.

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  One Response to “Shania Twain Cum Art Picture #210”

  1. Shania will be very happy with that load!!