Nov 252011

This framed Shania picture looks really cute. Imagine an entire art gallery of Shania pictures. Her pretty face, that luscious body, those mind blowing fat jiggly tits all around you and there to serve only one purpose… to get you extremely horny! The pictures in the gallery are all strategically hung at waist height for a very special reason. No, it isn’t so that short people to admire her, it’s so that men and women can masturbate to her pictures and ultimately shoot her in the face with their sticky sperm. In the evenings the pictures and floor are cleaned and the gallery of Shania all set for some more cock juice. The picture here has a nice hefty load of cum splattering Shania’s pretty face and by the end of the day would have much more. Ahhh Shania, she brings out the horny little artist in us all.

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