Nov 042010

This picture is a cute one of Shania’s pretty face. Now who could resist shooting it full of cum? You got to love that pretty smile, that sexy strapless cock-tail dress… those HUGE fucking titties! Ahhh, babies everywhere must go crazy when they see her. Young and older babies of course. You have to wonder how Shania’s tits always appear so toned and tanned. No matter what dress she wears, you never see any tan lines. That is a definite sign that not only does Shania maintain them well, she also has to expose them in public to keep them tanned all over. So if this is the case, why can’t any paparazzi get get any pictures of Shania’s naked udders??? She has the time to lounge around topless for hours now that she doesn’t do much singing or touring so it’s not like there’s no time for her to pull them out and let hem bake in the sun for hours. If you take into account the lenses the paparazzi must have in their arsenal, a topless picture of Shania should be easy. The only way they couldn’t get their shot is if Shania heads to a tanning salon to toast her titties. Maybe she has a tanning bed in her home? All I can say is, if she spends that much effort getting them all tanned and sexy looking, she really should show them off more. Cum on Shania, your fans really want to see more of those sexy, soft, baby bottles. Go out more and wear something low cut!!!!

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