Aug 282010

Shania stands facing you with her hands on her hips just daring you to shoot her with your cum. So you take her dare and blast the little bitch long and hard soaking her from head to crotch. When you’re done hosing her down, she gets so horny wearing your sperm she decides to strip and let you shove your cock inside her to try it again from the inside. Her jeans drop to the ground, her panties are pulled off and tossed at you and the slut lies on the floor spreading her legs waiting for your cock. You don’t wait for her to change her mind and immediately pounce on her wedging yourself between her thighs and pushing your stiff cock into her pink cunt. You want to feed on her so you rip her top off to expose her massive, fatty tits and sink your teeth into her soft, stretchy nipple to begin suckling. It isn’t long before you strike pay-dirt and Shania’s milk erupts into your mouth like a tiny geyser. Her milk tastes sweet and you gorge yourself on her bodily fluids, draining her as best you can. Suddenly your body shakes in orgasm and your cock explodes inside her filling her with some cream of your own. Shania tries to get up and leave, but you refuse to let her leaving your cock inside her throbbing fuck hole and suckling until you finish your tit juice feast. If you’d like to check out Shania getting creamed, head to the gallery. Shania Cum Art Videos

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  4 Responses to “Shania Twain Cum Art Picture #203”

  1. I’d love to see her do cream pies all day but for now, I’m happy to paste my own loads on this beautiful woman. Tight jeans were made just for this woman.

  2. Do you think she swallows?

  3. I know she does! She swallowed my load like a pro after she sucked me off. She wouldn’t be where she is now if she wasn’t great at sucking and swallowing. She’s also developed a new talent in Las Vegas… SHANIA LOVES ANAL!!!

  4. Shania’s been swallowing her whole career. How do you think she got as popular as she was. Those lips sucked their way to many record deals and lots of air play on CMT.