Aug 212010

Shania Twain Cum Art 202

With her silver short shorts and a tight ass, Shania knows just how to get a cock hard. But how do you put that hard cock to good use? Well, the answer is painfully obvious. Shania’s round, tight ass is more than inviting in those shorts and the only thing between you and the fuck of your life is that thin fabric protecting her pink pubes. All you need to do is get past security, jump up on the stage, grab her around the waist and wrestle her to the floor, then pull that tiny bit of silver down around her knees to expose her ass and begin the mating process. Simple. Once that round little ass is exposed, it’s all yours and you can push deeply into her tight pussy to make her grunt in delight. Shania loves being fucked doggie style and will quickly arch her back to get as much of your cock into her body as she can. This will give you the opportunity to slap her ass with your hips and stab her slippery pink meat as you ride her like a fuck doll. The fans around the stage will go wild as the Shania fucking turns them on too and everyone will be masturbating to her sensual moans and grunts of pleasure. Granted, it could be hard to nail her onstage, but after the concert she always says she’s available to her fans. If you want to watch Shania being sprayed, check out the Shania Twain Cum Art Video Collection. Shania Cum Art Videos

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  1. This is my favorite spray video. I’d like to be in a room of 5 guys each spraying her smiling face. This is the most gorgeous ass ever to be wrapped in silver.