Aug 192010

Shania Twain Cum Art 201

Here Shania’s fat juicy tits try to escape her blouse but that damn tee-shirt underneath holds them in. Such a waste! What the fuck was Shania thinking when she got dressed that day. Normally she has no problems exposing her babies for her loving fans. Oh well, it doesn’t stop the hefty splattering of sperm on her face. Good thing she was wearing her protective shades or she would have been blinded by the sperm blast. The one thing you notice about many of the Cum Art pictures is that Shania’s face seems to be a pretty prized target. Not so much that the cum just happened to splatter her in the face, but the whole picture is a nice face shot, with an even nicer facial shot. There are also those pictures where fans love to shoot their load between Shania’s titties and others enjoy the satisfaction of firing their load all over Shania’s crotch or equally enjoyable… her ass. Some could argue that creating a Shania Twain Cum Art pic, is almost like having sex with Shania herself. You get the arousal from masturbating to her beauty, the intense sensation of the orgasm and shooting your load all over Shania’s face or body, and that final sexual gratification of the finished picture where you can admire Shania’s loveliness soaked in your cum. There really is no finer way to pay tribute to a really sexy lady.

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  1. open your mouth & swallow bitch!