Aug 152010

Shania Twain Cum Art 199

Shania Twain wearing a skintight, hot, bondage, PVC outfit. Doesn’t that just get your cock hard? Of course it does, but Shania in that sexy outfit completely soaked in cum would make you even harder. Shania shows her kinkier side dressing in the tight PVC slut suit with only one thing on her mind… making cocks hard! That’s why Shania has the reputation for being a cum hungry little cock tease. Just imagine bending her over, unzipping the crotch to expose her inviting pink fuck toy, then ramming your hard cock into Cum Queen Shania’s ass to begin drilling her long and hard. Shania moans and grunts in heated lust as you fuck her wet pubes and you pull her arms behind her back to force her to bend over and allow deeper penetration. She’s helpless to resist as you violate her ass end and your sticky semen leaks into her as you build up to a massive orgasm inside her. With your final deep thrusts you have Shania screaming for your cum and you explode inside her body shooting stream after stream of sticky white sperm into her snatch. You pull your cock out of her and it drips Shania’s fuck juices on the floor as your sperm swims inside her to get her pregnant and make her your bitch. If you would like to see the video of Shania getting spermed, check out the Shania Cum Art Video gallery. Shania Cum Art Videos

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