Aug 152010

Shania Twain Cum Art 198

You have to love Shania’s long, dark, flowing hair. Her luscious dark locks flow behind her as she turns her head slightly and glances at the photographer. It really makes you want to grab her by the hair and force that face down on your cock impaling her moist lips and penetrating her face to give her something to suck on. You look down and Shania’s sucking gets you so horny you can’t help but begin fucking her mouth, that same mouth that spews out all those great songs. Now it’s your turn to spew into her! It doesn’t take long before the orgasm builds inside your cock and you grab her by the back of the head to pull her over your cock to ram it all the way down her throat. Your cum erupts like a geyser into Shania’s mouth as she chokes on your cock and she struggles mildly as you continue to force her head down on your cock. She chokes so hard that your cum begins dripping from her nostrils and she looks even hotter as she sniffles the cum back up into her head.

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