Aug 092010

Shania Twain Cum Art 197

Shania Twain has a really beautiful face. But damn if the girl isn’t more famous because of her world class titties. In this Cum Art piece you can swear they are trying to pop out and the men at the premier she attended were wishing for just that. Picture this, you’re at the show walking beside Shania and she drops one of her earrings. As she bends over to pick it up she draws your attention and before you know it, the strain on her bra has her tit popped out. Shortly after you see the glorious mammary hanging out her top, you pop out too. Shania is already on her knees so as she looks up, your cock smacks her right in the face. Like a true slut, Shania just has to slide your cock into her mouth for a quick meal and immediately begins sucking you off like a starving baby. You get harder and harder as Shania’s head bobs in and out on your cock and those talented tonsils make quick work of you coaxing a healthy dose of protein into her mouth. With her quickie meal out of the way and her earring back in place, Shania heads in for the show and another evening out.

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  One Response to “Shania Twain Cum Art Picture #197”

  1. One of Shania’s best outfits and it looks even better when she’s dripping with cum 😀 Awesome stuff!