Aug 022010

Shania Twain Cum Art 196

Shania Twain has a really beautiful face. It’s even more beautiful looking when it is covered in your hot sticky sperm! Doesn’t Shania look sexy with the cum glistening on her skin and the gooey drops of cum in her hair. It would be even more enjoyable creating the cum art on Shania herself. Imagine that pretty face looking up at you as you ram your cock down her throat, the sucking noises from Shania as she slurps your cock between her lips and that incredible sensation of lust as Shania’s tongue slides across the shaft of your cock. You grab the pretty MILF by the head and thrust mercilessly into her mouth as she continues to be your fuck toy and she moans in delight as your semen escapes the head of you cock only to be swallowed by the sperm hungry Shania. So what would be the nicest thing about spraying Shania’s face and tits with your cum? Taking her into the bathroom afterwards and washing every inch of that soft, sexy body.

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