Aug 012010

Shania Twain Cum Art 195

Masturbation is a wonderful thing. You’re horny, hard and ideally you have a picture of a really hot slut in front of you to get you harder. The Shania Cum Art Gallery was built on that picture of a hot slut being none other than Shania Twain. With close to 200 pictures of her covered in sperm, she is the internet’s reigning queen of cum. The incredible sensation as you stroke your cock and imagine all the dirty and wild things you would love to do to Shania if she were there in person. Things like pulling down her leather pants in this picture and shoving your cock in between her soft pink pussy lips. Thrusting deeply into her fuck hole as your semen leaks from the head of your cock into her body. You build to an intense orgasm as your hips slap against her firm round ass and suddenly you thrust as deep as you can between her ass cheeks as the orgasm hits you and you begin pumping stream after stream of warm cum into her ass. The sperm fills her belly and immediately begins swimming deeper into her body to find her eggs and fuck them too. So is jerking off to Shania fun? The Shania Twain Cum Art Gallery should be your cock hardening answer!

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