Jul 302010

Shania Twain Cum Art 194

Again Shania heads to an awards show with one thing on her mind… SHE NEEDS YOUR CUM ON HER FACE! This time there is no subtlety and the photo of Shania used for her Cum Art picture is messed up by the hot sticky sperm soaking into her face and chest. Nothing hotter than destroying a Shania pic in the name of art. OK, actually shooting a huge load on Shania’s face for real would be much more arousing, but she might be hard to track down for the request. This art pic shows Shania after getting hosed down pretty good. The nice thing about this dress is that it doesn’t look like Shania is wearing a bra underneath. Slip the dress off her shoulders and her bouncy soft breasts just might be staring you in the face. If that were to happen you know Shania wouldn’t be there to be jerked off on, she’d be flat on her back with a line-up of men hovering over her to tit-fuck her baby bottles. Once Shania is on the floor it wouldn’t be long before she had her legs spread wide and a line-up forming to eagerly pound her pussy and fill her with cum. Have you ever wondered if Shania has ever been fucked anally? The answer, of course she has! When she was married to Mutt she had to abstain from sex, but sex means fucking her pussy. Fucking Shania up the ass would be for entertainment so it wouldn’t be regarded as sex… just playtime. Now who wouldn’t want some playtime in Shania’s ass?

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