Jul 302010

Shania Twain Cum Art 193

At the Juno awards, Shania is the host and demands special attention. Being the star she requests a steady supply of fans follow her around during her interviews and keep her skin moisturized by jerking off on her flesh. The cold weather outside can dry out a girl’s skin and Shania is always aware of her skin’s needs. During this interview, she pulls her hair to the side to expose the back of her delicate neck. Eagerly a fan steps up and strokes quickly until a burst of creamy white cum shoots from his cock and sprays the side of Shania’s face and neck. Before the cream can dry, Shania massages it into her face and neck leaving a wet, glistening look to her skin as she continues the interview. Another fan quickly replaces the one who just shot his load on Shania and the country cunt quickly halts the interview to get her new supply of sperm ready by wrapping her hand around the cock and stroking it to a hard readiness. The interview continues for maybe 15 minutes then as soon as it’s over, the film crew leaves and Shania is left with her roving cum supply. Shania suddenly feels a hunger and returns to her fan dropping to her knees and taking the hard cock in her mouth to begin sucking like she were slurping on a straw. It doesn’t take long before the fan cums and Shania’s mouth is blasted with a creamy protein-rich meal. She continues to feed until every last drop of sperm is sucked from the man’s balls and he is left to spasm as he pulls out of her mouth. He heads back to the group following her around and Shania is off again.

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