Jul 062010

Shania Twain Cum Art 191

Shania sits backstage wearing her skintight leather outfit and waiting for her cue to go onstage. Other stars request special things for their dressing rooms like bowls of blue M&Ms or fruit baskets, but not Shania. All the this country cutie wants is to have her male fans ushered backstage to jerk off on her as she dines on their fresh sperm. The slutty little brunette loves the tasty meal opening wide to become a cum dumpster for her horny male fans. As a sign of appreciation, she’ll often pull out a hefty tit to let her fans gorge themselves like babies on her fat udders as she unzips her pants to play with herself. Here Shania gets more cream than she can swallow and it ends up soaking her face. As you can see she doesn’t mind and just massages the load into her skin to give her that youthful look. Looks like Shania’s all set for the next load… who’s next!

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