Jun 252010

Shania Twain Cum Art 190

There are days when Shania can be found wandering around her property on the Lake of Bays, happily topless and soaking up the sun. The area is nice and secluded so Shania’s massive, bouncy titties can be exposed to the warm sunlight without too many people rushing up to get their hands on them. Now being secluded can be a bad thing when you love exposing yourself and enjoy having cleavage more famous than you are. Millions worldwide would love to wrap their lips around Shania’s fat, stretchy nipples and pump gallons of milk from the tiny MILF mommy. Every now and then Shania’s strolls take her in contact with a hiker or two and when they do, she becomes their canvas for another Cum Art painting. She is forced to her knees and sprayed down with streams of sperm, then photographed and left in a wet, sticky mess. Ahhh, the price you pay for having world famous tits!

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