May 282010


Shania Twain Cum Art 187

Shania stands patiently waiting for the director to set up the next scene, completely unaware that an extra in the background has his cock out and has been stroking furiously to her exposed, jiggling mellons. Her elevator scene in I Heart Huckabees requires her to wear an frilly top that has to be open in the front to expose her hefty titties in a skimpy black bra. The same black bra that was used in her soft core porn breastfeeding scene where she was required to treat her two male co-stars like they were her babies… right down to the lengthy suckling on her milk squirting mammaries!  With Shania sitting in a chair and two grown men slurping away on mommy Shania’s milk, is there any surprise that someone on the set would be jerking feverishly to the intensely hot sight. After watching the little MILF mommy Shania being milked, the extra quickly forces her into the elevator and starts squirting on her as the cameraman catches this shot of her shortly after being shot in the face. The sperm splattering into her eyes, on her lips and all over the helpless singer’s face!

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