May 202010

Shania Twain Cum Art 186

If you check out Shania in this shot, it looks like she is getting very intimate with her microphone! Those pretty pink lips of hers opening wide to take the long black rod into her mouth while giving a vocal performance. Kind of sounds like a blow-job doesn’t it? Well, Shania has gone on record to say she’s always wanted to be Stevie’s background vocalist. As such, she would have been giving Stevie vocal performances every night. There would have been lots of slurping, gulping and lip smacking action as Shania drops to her knees to get in a better position for her oral duty. Stevie’s large, black cock working its way into her mouth and deep down her throat in an ever increasing pumping motion. The busty little brunette’s lips would wrap tightly around Stevie’s cock until he explodes in her mouth pumping stream after stream of warm, white sperm into Shania’s protein hungry mouth. Back then Shania would have been a starving artist, so a a sticky load of cum in her mouth would have been a tasty treat for her. Here a cum artist gives her a treat of his own… all over Shania’s pretty face!

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