May 142010

Shania Twain Cum Art 185

I tried to find the animal with the biggest (natural) tits in the animal kingdom, but couldn’t really find one other than the cow! There are some women that have a 65T chest, most are due to surgically implanted silicone. Now silicone is nice, but not even size beats a beautiful pair of natural knockers. When you look at Shania and her 36C breasts mounted on a 5’2″ chassis, she has to rank as one of the top breast babes on the planet. Partially because they are huge for a tiny girl, secondly because they bounce like jello when she moves. Shania may not know it, but her jiggling jugs are pure heaven to watch and drool over. At the Kennedy Center Awards, more men than she could have ever imagined where masturbating to her pictures for months (and still do). That wonderfully low cut gown, Shania’s massive udders barely contained by the thin fabric and let’s not forget her heavenly nipple hard-ons that had her gum-drop sized teats poking out even further. Even Shania must be aware that any fan of hers would love to curl up on her lap and breastfeed on Shania’s baby bottles forever. Now that’s what I call ‘Breast Appeal’!

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