May 122010

Shania Twain Cum Art 184

Shania is one of Canada’s 50 most fucked females! Oops, I mean fuckable. In Shania’s very own magazine, “Hello Shania!” she stands ready for her cover shoot as the assistant to the photographer gets the cheerful task of spraying Shania down with sperm after the make-up artist and hair stylist fix her up for the shot. Once the photo session is out of the way, Shania treats the crew to a nice long and very heated gang-bang not allowing anyone to escape until she has gulped down everyone’s load including the female make-up artist who she let bath her in a shower of liquid ejaculate. Shania then rides a massive ice dildo until it is nothing more than a toothpick with a large puddle of water between her legs and finishes the sexy show by masturbating into a glass and drinking her own cum. She is definitely at the top of that list as far as fuckable females goes.

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