May 072010


Shania Twain Cum Art 183

Shania is a DIVA! How do you spell DIVA… S-L-U-T. Now Shania being a slut is not a bad thing at all. Actually a slut is a beautiful creature. Why? Well a slut is a girl who isn’t ashamed of her body and even better, loves being fucked. Sluts dress extremely sexy in an attempt to make men hot and horny for their bodies and Shania has done that better than anyone over the years wearing cleavage revealing tops and see-through blouses. The sheer, nipple revealing top and bra at her Atlanta concert were great examples of her hidden slut charms. The media may have thought she made a blunder, but the men in the audience mostly likely couldn’t stand to applaud after the show because of a stiff cock and a burning desire to ram that cock into the lovely Ms Twain’s body. Ahhh, the life of a DIVA!

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