Apr 042010

Shania Twain Cum Art 180

Shania has lots of beauty tips. She doesn’t exercise, she walks. She loves to smear creams all over her tits to keep them soft and supple, but best of all she loves your warm cream all over her face. She would never need to pay for this living supplement and men would line up for hours just to bathe her in sperm. Let’s face it, you’re standing over a kneeling Shania and she’s staring up at you with her pretty face and doe-like eyes as you stroke your hard cock until the extreme sexual arousal fills you and makes your cock explode all over her face. Load after load of cum jumps from your cock onto her face and she immediately begins rubbing it into her skin and begs for more… her glistening skin saturated with your musky scent. So where would you prefer to deposit your load on Shania? Would you be more into giving her that youthful look, or perhaps aim lower and shower her tits and watch her massage those huge baby bottles in front of you?

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