Apr 032010

Shania Twain Cum Art 179

Shania looking hot posing for her new perfume, Shania by Stetson. Although there is a lot of white in the picture and it could make seeing the Cum Art harder, when it blasts Shania in the face and chest it looks really stunning. You have to admire the sheer top, Shania’s heavenly breasts, her nicely exposed cleavage… and that nasty cum shot! Imagine the millions of little sperm swimming their way into each and every pore on Shania’s face, soaking into her skin and trying to find her eggs. Those lucky enough to be splattered all over her chest have the pleasure of soaking into Shania’s massive tits and if they were REALLY lucky, into her nipples to travel through Shania’s milk ducts for the swim of their life. They may not reach her eggs, but at least they would die very happy!

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