Apr 032010

Shania Twain Cum Art 177

Cover-girl Shania exposing her beautiful breasts for the media has always been a big dream of her more amorous fans. Of course it’s easy to see why with her pretty face, long dark hair, gorgeous curves and perfect jugs that seem to crave being milked. A lot of fans love Shania’s legs and find it very depressing that Shania doesn’t show them off more, but at least Shania does realize her fans are all babies at heart and yearn to be breastfeeding on her ample milk supply. Shania also seems to love showing off her sexy cleavage… and why not. When you’re blessed with an incredible chest, why not show it off! There are girls out there who pay thousands of dollars just to have what Shania has grown naturally. The biggest difference? The other girls have no problems showing theirs off. Come on Shania… PLEASE give us a peak!!!

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