Mar 162010

Shania Twain Cum Art 176

Here’s a shot of Shania giving a cock hardening performance in Atlanta. After the pictures of her sheer bra and even more sheer top hit the internet, Shania said she didn’t realize her top was so see-through. What Shania didn’t mention was that she was feeling extra horny that day and wanted to share the sensation. Let’s face facts… her bra was about 50% sheer, her top as you can see is pretty much 95% sheer. When you add the two together you get a nice view of not only Shania’s massive bouncing tits, you get treated to seeing her perky hard nipples too. Did Shania not notice this… you bet she did. Why did she do it??? Easy! She was tired of signing autographs for the people who rushed the stage during her show and thought by wearing her sheer top, all the men in the front rows would not be able to leave their seats because of the nasty hard-ons they’d be having. Luckily hard-ons and Cum Art go very well together as seen here.

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