Mar 112010

Shania Twain Cum Art 175

Here’s another shot of Shania naked in bed! She has her sheets pulled up to cover up her world famous titties, but that couldn’t save her from the spasming hard cock shooting it’s load all over her face. In reality, Shania more than likely would have had her belly filled with the creamy white sperm long before it managed to get on her face. Let’s say you had Shania in bed and were banging her like a jackrabbit. Would you really try to pull out of her to shoot your load on her face or would you keep sliding your hard cock in and out of her sweet little pink pussy until her cunt muscles managed to coax every last drop of you into her body? I’m thinking she’d be one cream filled cougar. Now imagine 10 or 20 men working her over. She’d beĀ  much more than just cream filled… Shania would be a SPERM BANK!!!

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