Mar 102010

Shania Twain Cum Art 174

I didn’t receive many new Cum Art pictures in so long I almost gave up on checking the email… but I’m glad I didn’t! This wonderful shot was send in last November by a Shania fan who like most of us, finds Shania such a treat to jerk off on, her face was just too irresistible to cream.  I love how the blast traveled up the side of her face and into her eye which would have definitely had her eyes watering. Hopefully there will be many more shots taken of Shania who now can be called the queen of the cougars. And for our little Shania out there. If you stumble across this Art Gallery, you can rest assured that your hot factor is still working just fine and men around the globe can’t help but jerk off to your oh-so-fuckable body!

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