Oct 202010

There hasn’t been too many Shania Cum Art submissions in a little while but here is a new twist on the artwork. We’ve always been told to practice safe sex and use a condom so this Shania Cum Artist decided to do just that. I have to admit that I thought it was kind of cool to jerk off to Shania and load up a condom before dumping the entire load on Shania’s face. It brings a whole new meaning to facial and I love how it ran down the side of Shania’s chest and traveled down her wicked breast side cleavage. A load like this not only hit the spot, it would also drown poor Shania because of the concentration of cum. Now with Shania you don’t really need to practice safe sex, but it sure looks erotic when you do. If anyone else has any new and creative ways to cum on a Shania picture, send them in and don’t be afraid to have them published. All pictures are completely anonymous so you can shoot a load on Shania, and only you will know it’s your work. It’s just another way of showing Shania you love her without the world knowing who you are. Since they are quite popular in the web searches, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shania herself was taking a peek every now and then to find out who all loves her incredible beauty. Show Shania you love her!

Oct 052010

Shania loves showing off her skin. Cum Artists love shooting that tender pink skin with their creamy white sperm. It’s a match made in heaven. They say protein actually makes the skin look younger by enriching it with beneficial vitamins, minerals and hormones. If Shania were to realize that, I’m sure she’d love nothing more than a daily facial to make her look younger and more vibrant. The bonus for her is that she’d have no shortage of cream for her face and no matter where she went, men would be lining up to share their beauty cream with her. The price for Shania? Just getting on her knees and sparing a few minutes while the protein is applied to her face is all she needs to do. Well that, and maybe the cost of a good comfy set of kneepads. While the protein is very beneficial, there are drawbacks. To get those areas around her eyes, she needs to rub the cream into her eyes and eyelids and that can sting for a while. Ah the price of looking young and fuckable. Shania Cum Art Videos