Jul 302010

Shania Twain Cum Art 194

Again Shania heads to an awards show with one thing on her mind… SHE NEEDS YOUR CUM ON HER FACE! This time there is no subtlety and the photo of Shania used for her Cum Art picture is messed up by the hot sticky sperm soaking into her face and chest. Nothing hotter than destroying a Shania pic in the name of art. OK, actually shooting a huge load on Shania’s face for real would be much more arousing, but she might be hard to track down for the request. This art pic shows Shania after getting hosed down pretty good. The nice thing about this dress is that it doesn’t look like Shania is wearing a bra underneath. Slip the dress off her shoulders and her bouncy soft breasts just might be staring you in the face. If that were to happen you know Shania wouldn’t be there to be jerked off on, she’d be flat on her back with a line-up of men hovering over her to tit-fuck her baby bottles. Once Shania is on the floor it wouldn’t be long before she had her legs spread wide and a line-up forming to eagerly pound her pussy and fill her with cum. Have you ever wondered if Shania has ever been fucked anally? The answer, of course she has! When she was married to Mutt she had to abstain from sex, but sex means fucking her pussy. Fucking Shania up the ass would be for entertainment so it wouldn’t be regarded as sex… just playtime. Now who wouldn’t want some playtime in Shania’s ass?

Jul 302010

Shania Twain Cum Art 193

At the Juno awards, Shania is the host and demands special attention. Being the star she requests a steady supply of fans follow her around during her interviews and keep her skin moisturized by jerking off on her flesh. The cold weather outside can dry out a girl’s skin and Shania is always aware of her skin’s needs. During this interview, she pulls her hair to the side to expose the back of her delicate neck. Eagerly a fan steps up and strokes quickly until a burst of creamy white cum shoots from his cock and sprays the side of Shania’s face and neck. Before the cream can dry, Shania massages it into her face and neck leaving a wet, glistening look to her skin as she continues the interview. Another fan quickly replaces the one who just shot his load on Shania and the country cunt quickly halts the interview to get her new supply of sperm ready by wrapping her hand around the cock and stroking it to a hard readiness. The interview continues for maybe 15 minutes then as soon as it’s over, the film crew leaves and Shania is left with her roving cum supply. Shania suddenly feels a hunger and returns to her fan dropping to her knees and taking the hard cock in her mouth to begin sucking like she were slurping on a straw. It doesn’t take long before the fan cums and Shania’s mouth is blasted with a creamy protein-rich meal. She continues to feed until every last drop of sperm is sucked from the man’s balls and he is left to spasm as he pulls out of her mouth. He heads back to the group following her around and Shania is off again.

Jul 302010

Shania Twain Cum Art 192

Shania wins the award for Hottest Country Slut… and there was really no competition. With her massive tits, pretty face and gorgeous body, she will be the winner every year she shows off her impressive cleavage. Here Shania holds up her trophy proclaiming her “Slut of the Year” with a huge smile on her face knowing there are a few fans backstage who voted for her. In true slut fashion Shania heads backstage, greets her fans, then gets on her knees to let the horny men stroke to her protruding tits and open mouth. To get the men even harder, she unbuttons her leopardskin print blouse to give the men a good look at her braless tits and within minutes both men are spraying her down with sperm. When the men are completely drained on her, she buttons up her blouse and heads out for more pictures.

Jul 062010

Shania Twain Cum Art 191

Shania sits backstage wearing her skintight leather outfit and waiting for her cue to go onstage. Other stars request special things for their dressing rooms like bowls of blue M&Ms or fruit baskets, but not Shania. All the this country cutie wants is to have her male fans ushered backstage to jerk off on her as she dines on their fresh sperm. The slutty little brunette loves the tasty meal opening wide to become a cum dumpster for her horny male fans. As a sign of appreciation, she’ll often pull out a hefty tit to let her fans gorge themselves like babies on her fat udders as she unzips her pants to play with herself. Here Shania gets more cream than she can swallow and it ends up soaking her face. As you can see she doesn’t mind and just massages the load into her skin to give her that youthful look. Looks like Shania’s all set for the next load… who’s next!