Jun 252010

Shania Twain Cum Art 190

There are days when Shania can be found wandering around her property on the Lake of Bays, happily topless and soaking up the sun. The area is nice and secluded so Shania’s massive, bouncy titties can be exposed to the warm sunlight without too many people rushing up to get their hands on them. Now being secluded can be a bad thing when you love exposing yourself and enjoy having cleavage more famous than you are. Millions worldwide would love to wrap their lips around Shania’s fat, stretchy nipples and pump gallons of milk from the tiny MILF mommy. Every now and then Shania’s strolls take her in contact with a hiker or two and when they do, she becomes their canvas for another Cum Art painting. She is forced to her knees and sprayed down with streams of sperm, then photographed and left in a wet, sticky mess. Ahhh, the price you pay for having world famous tits!

Jun 192010

Shania Twain Cum Art 189

Shania LOVES her pets. Shania’s pets LOVE her. If you were a cat, wouldn’t you be good if it meant half an hour hanging from mommy Shania’s tit? Ah the life of a cat. Sneaking into Shania’s bedroom as she sleeps, jumping up on the bed to cuddle. You then crawl under the covers, root around until you work your way under Shania’s top, then finally find one of those fat, erect nipples to latch onto and begin your feast. Noisily you suckle and smack on Shania’s soft milk-bag as she sleeps, moaning slightly while you pump the sweet juices from her body. As Shania sleeps soundly, you continue to feed on her like a spider sucking the life out of a fly. For hours she’s your tasty meal until you are full and decide to return to your toy mouse. The long stretched nipple slides out of your jaws and continues to leak milk as you work your way back under the covers and jump off the bed to return downstairs. The next morning Shania wakes up and wonders why her nipple is so sore, and why there’s milk all over her top.

Jun 092010

Shania Twain Cum Art 188

Here Shania poses with the jersey she is going to wear for “Win the Shirt off Shania’s back” auction. Winning the jersey is really a worthless prize considering the amounts of money bid for these jerseys. The only thing that would make the jersey worth the bids is the accompanying video showing Shania putting on the jersey, then stripping out of it. To add extra incentive to bid, Shania should be naked under the jersey so her stripping would be even more of a treat and the lucky winner could have the jersey knowing Shania’s swollen udders were rubbing all over the inside of the fabric making her nipples hard and possibly leaking her sweet cow milk. Having the video of Shania’s bouncing baby bottles as she removes the jersey wouldn’t be bad either! Oh well, if you can’t have that at least you can have the satisfaction of shooting your load all over her face. Maybe next time the auction will give the fans what they REALLY want… Shania on her knees and sucking fan cock!