May 282010


Shania Twain Cum Art 187

Shania stands patiently waiting for the director to set up the next scene, completely unaware that an extra in the background has his cock out and has been stroking furiously to her exposed, jiggling mellons. Her elevator scene in I Heart Huckabees requires her to wear an frilly top that has to be open in the front to expose her hefty titties in a skimpy black bra. The same black bra that was used in her soft core porn breastfeeding scene where she was required to treat her two male co-stars like they were her babies… right down to the lengthy suckling on her milk squirting mammaries!  With Shania sitting in a chair and two grown men slurping away on mommy Shania’s milk, is there any surprise that someone on the set would be jerking feverishly to the intensely hot sight. After watching the little MILF mommy Shania being milked, the extra quickly forces her into the elevator and starts squirting on her as the cameraman catches this shot of her shortly after being shot in the face. The sperm splattering into her eyes, on her lips and all over the helpless singer’s face!

May 202010

Shania Twain Cum Art 186

If you check out Shania in this shot, it looks like she is getting very intimate with her microphone! Those pretty pink lips of hers opening wide to take the long black rod into her mouth while giving a vocal performance. Kind of sounds like a blow-job doesn’t it? Well, Shania has gone on record to say she’s always wanted to be Stevie’s background vocalist. As such, she would have been giving Stevie vocal performances every night. There would have been lots of slurping, gulping and lip smacking action as Shania drops to her knees to get in a better position for her oral duty. Stevie’s large, black cock working its way into her mouth and deep down her throat in an ever increasing pumping motion. The busty little brunette’s lips would wrap tightly around Stevie’s cock until he explodes in her mouth pumping stream after stream of warm, white sperm into Shania’s protein hungry mouth. Back then Shania would have been a starving artist, so a a sticky load of cum in her mouth would have been a tasty treat for her. Here a cum artist gives her a treat of his own… all over Shania’s pretty face!

May 142010

Shania Twain Cum Art 185

I tried to find the animal with the biggest (natural) tits in the animal kingdom, but couldn’t really find one other than the cow! There are some women that have a 65T chest, most are due to surgically implanted silicone. Now silicone is nice, but not even size beats a beautiful pair of natural knockers. When you look at Shania and her 36C breasts mounted on a 5’2″ chassis, she has to rank as one of the top breast babes on the planet. Partially because they are huge for a tiny girl, secondly because they bounce like jello when she moves. Shania may not know it, but her jiggling jugs are pure heaven to watch and drool over. At the Kennedy Center Awards, more men than she could have ever imagined where masturbating to her pictures for months (and still do). That wonderfully low cut gown, Shania’s massive udders barely contained by the thin fabric and let’s not forget her heavenly nipple hard-ons that had her gum-drop sized teats poking out even further. Even Shania must be aware that any fan of hers would love to curl up on her lap and breastfeed on Shania’s baby bottles forever. Now that’s what I call ‘Breast Appeal’!

May 122010

Shania Twain Cum Art 184

Shania is one of Canada’s 50 most fucked females! Oops, I mean fuckable. In Shania’s very own magazine, “Hello Shania!” she stands ready for her cover shoot as the assistant to the photographer gets the cheerful task of spraying Shania down with sperm after the make-up artist and hair stylist fix her up for the shot. Once the photo session is out of the way, Shania treats the crew to a nice long and very heated gang-bang not allowing anyone to escape until she has gulped down everyone’s load including the female make-up artist who she let bath her in a shower of liquid ejaculate. Shania then rides a massive ice dildo until it is nothing more than a toothpick with a large puddle of water between her legs and finishes the sexy show by masturbating into a glass and drinking her own cum. She is definitely at the top of that list as far as fuckable females goes.

May 072010


Shania Twain Cum Art 183

Shania is a DIVA! How do you spell DIVA… S-L-U-T. Now Shania being a slut is not a bad thing at all. Actually a slut is a beautiful creature. Why? Well a slut is a girl who isn’t ashamed of her body and even better, loves being fucked. Sluts dress extremely sexy in an attempt to make men hot and horny for their bodies and Shania has done that better than anyone over the years wearing cleavage revealing tops and see-through blouses. The sheer, nipple revealing top and bra at her Atlanta concert were great examples of her hidden slut charms. The media may have thought she made a blunder, but the men in the audience mostly likely couldn’t stand to applaud after the show because of a stiff cock and a burning desire to ram that cock into the lovely Ms Twain’s body. Ahhh, the life of a DIVA!