Apr 252010

Shania Twain Cum Art 182

Being a singer, Shania’s  vocal talent comes in handy. In what way? Well, let’s just say she can sure open wide! This skill comes in very handy when it’s Shania’s turn to become a cum dumpster! As you can see in this picture, the little woman has no trouble gulping down gallons of your hot, creamy sperm. For Shania it’s not just a matter of how much she can swallow, it’s a matter of how many men can she please at one time. When you see her wearing these skin tight leather pants and showing off her tiny waist, what man (or men) could resist stroking hard to provide her with a creamy white bath. Of course that’s only if she doesn’t gulp it all down like a good little Sperm Star!

Apr 212010

Shania Twain Cum Art 181

Shania steps out into the spotlight again wearing a sexy sheer top to show off her mouth watering tits. Here she manages a quick pose before being nicely cream covered. Ah Shania loves to flaunt her mammaries and her fans love her for it. Think of all the busty swimsuit calendars she could have posed for, or the Victoria’s Secret lingerie she could have strutted down the runway wearing. What was she thinking getting into music and wasting the incredibly beautiful body she was blessed with. Even though Shania may hate her legs, she more than makes up for it admiring her tits. It makes you wonder why she never posed for Playboy. They would have paid her well, but the question is would they let her have the freedom to pose the way she liked. She would probably have been better with an offer from Hustler. They could have shot the pictorial she would have liked. Picture two well-built handsome men hanging from her soft and very stretchy nipples… feasting ravenously on mommy Shania’s baby bottles!!!

Apr 042010

Shania Twain Cum Art 180

Shania has lots of beauty tips. She doesn’t exercise, she walks. She loves to smear creams all over her tits to keep them soft and supple, but best of all she loves your warm cream all over her face. She would never need to pay for this living supplement and men would line up for hours just to bathe her in sperm. Let’s face it, you’re standing over a kneeling Shania and she’s staring up at you with her pretty face and doe-like eyes as you stroke your hard cock until the extreme sexual arousal fills you and makes your cock explode all over her face. Load after load of cum jumps from your cock onto her face and she immediately begins rubbing it into her skin and begs for more… her glistening skin saturated with your musky scent. So where would you prefer to deposit your load on Shania? Would you be more into giving her that youthful look, or perhaps aim lower and shower her tits and watch her massage those huge baby bottles in front of you?

Apr 032010

Shania Twain Cum Art 179

Shania looking hot posing for her new perfume, Shania by Stetson. Although there is a lot of white in the picture and it could make seeing the Cum Art harder, when it blasts Shania in the face and chest it looks really stunning. You have to admire the sheer top, Shania’s heavenly breasts, her nicely exposed cleavage… and that nasty cum shot! Imagine the millions of little sperm swimming their way into each and every pore on Shania’s face, soaking into her skin and trying to find her eggs. Those lucky enough to be splattered all over her chest have the pleasure of soaking into Shania’s massive tits and if they were REALLY lucky, into her nipples to travel through Shania’s milk ducts for the swim of their life. They may not reach her eggs, but at least they would die very happy!

Apr 032010

Shania Twain Cum Art 178

Shania pulls out her sharpie to sign an autograph for an adoring fan. The adoring fan pulls out his cock to autograph Shania! True, Shania gets that best of that exchange with a nice shot of protein to her face that will soak in and rejuvenate her soft skin. This leads to a sperm bath for Shania as she lowers herself to her knees and massages in the warm, creamy ejaculate as more men move in and surround her.  It doesn’t take long until the hard cocks begin signing her face too and stream after stream of white goo splashes against her cheeks, lips and into her open mouth as she opens wide for a tasty treat. How does Shania stay so young looking… lots and lots of fresh, organic protein!

Apr 032010

Shania Twain Cum Art 177

Cover-girl Shania exposing her beautiful breasts for the media has always been a big dream of her more amorous fans. Of course it’s easy to see why with her pretty face, long dark hair, gorgeous curves and perfect jugs that seem to crave being milked. A lot of fans love Shania’s legs and find it very depressing that Shania doesn’t show them off more, but at least Shania does realize her fans are all babies at heart and yearn to be breastfeeding on her ample milk supply. Shania also seems to love showing off her sexy cleavage… and why not. When you’re blessed with an incredible chest, why not show it off! There are girls out there who pay thousands of dollars just to have what Shania has grown naturally. The biggest difference? The other girls have no problems showing theirs off. Come on Shania… PLEASE give us a peak!!!