Feb 222010

Shania Twain Cum Art 173

When you come across a picture of Shania where she’s looking like she’s just been fucked long and hard, how can you resist the temptation to do some serious strokin’ to Shania. Or better yet… do some serious strokin’ ON Shania! I’m not sure where this picture of Shania naked in bed came from, but it definitely is a cock hardening side of Shania we’d all love to see more of. It also raises the question, if there are pictures of Shania looking like she’s just been fucked, are there more pictures that were taken while she was being drilled or perhaps when the tiny country queen was using her tonsils to massage a nice stiff cock? The thought of Shania being fucked on film is a really erotic one and maybe she isn’t using her time away from music to write music, perhaps her cum-back could be more in the film area… hot, juicy Shania fucking porn. What could be sweeter than watching Shania in a nasty, heated gangbang with 50 men. Hell, she’s Shania… 100 men! With her vegetarian lifestyle, all that protein would be a nice treat for her.

Feb 032010

Shania Twain Cum Art 172

Shania was once Peta’s Woman of the Year. With Shania pulling out her massive, milk-filled tits to feed kitty is there any surprise she wouldn’t be just as popular with the Cum Art painters out there? Here Shania takes a healthy shot to the face as she holds a beast up to her tit to suckle. For PETA, Shania is an equal opportunity milk machine and lets babies of all species feast on her bodily fluids. There’s something about Shania that seems to inspire the Cum Artists of the world to paint her and the biggest inspiration is her bouncing udders. With big beautiful tits like Shania’s, she will be popular forever. Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Shania has something for you!

Feb 032010

Shania Twain Cum Art 171

Here is a nice close-up of Shania and a fan’s healthy dose of facial cream. It’s nice to know that fans are still jerking to Shania’s hot looks and enjoy soaking her face with sperm. This shot practically fills her mouth and soaks her face good shooting across her eye to land in her long dark hair. Imagine Shania on her knees with her mouth open accepting your massive load as she scoops the gooey cream into her mouth to devour your treat. Shania definitely makes a cute little cum dumpster!