Aug 212010

Shania Twain Cum Art 202

With her silver short shorts and a tight ass, Shania knows just how to get a cock hard. But how do you put that hard cock to good use? Well, the answer is painfully obvious. Shania’s round, tight ass is more than inviting in those shorts and the only thing between you and the fuck of your life is that thin fabric protecting her pink pubes. All you need to do is get past security, jump up on the stage, grab her around the waist and wrestle her to the floor, then pull that tiny bit of silver down around her knees to expose her ass and begin the mating process. Simple. Once that round little ass is exposed, it’s all yours and you can push deeply into her tight pussy to make her grunt in delight. Shania loves being fucked doggie style and will quickly arch her back to get as much of your cock into her body as she can. This will give you the opportunity to slap her ass with your hips and stab her slippery pink meat as you ride her like a fuck doll. The fans around the stage will go wild as the Shania fucking turns them on too and everyone will be masturbating to her sensual moans and grunts of pleasure. Granted, it could be hard to nail her onstage, but after the concert she always says she’s available to her fans. If you want to watch Shania being sprayed, check out the Shania Twain Cum Art Video Collection. Shania Cum Art Videos

Aug 192010

Shania Twain Cum Art 201

Here Shania’s fat juicy tits try to escape her blouse but that damn tee-shirt underneath holds them in. Such a waste! What the fuck was Shania thinking when she got dressed that day. Normally she has no problems exposing her babies for her loving fans. Oh well, it doesn’t stop the hefty splattering of sperm on her face. Good thing she was wearing her protective shades or she would have been blinded by the sperm blast. The one thing you notice about many of the Cum Art pictures is that Shania’s face seems to be a pretty prized target. Not so much that the cum just happened to splatter her in the face, but the whole picture is a nice face shot, with an even nicer facial shot. There are also those pictures where fans love to shoot their load between Shania’s titties and others enjoy the satisfaction of firing their load all over Shania’s crotch or equally enjoyable… her ass. Some could argue that creating a Shania Twain Cum Art pic, is almost like having sex with Shania herself. You get the arousal from masturbating to her beauty, the intense sensation of the orgasm and shooting your load all over Shania’s face or body, and that final sexual gratification of the finished picture where you can admire Shania’s loveliness soaked in your cum. There really is no finer way to pay tribute to a really sexy lady.

Aug 152010

Shania Twain Cum Art 200

We are finally here at the 200th Shania Twain Cum Art pic and this is one VERY hot Shania Cum Art shot. What better way to say “I I love Shania Twain SHANIA!” than pulling out one of your favorite pictures of her and shooting a loving load of cum all over her gorgeous body. This picture is the perfect example of the Shania love shot. Our little lady gets completely soaked all the way up her body, but even sexier is the cum soaking into her ass. The accompanying video for this Cum Art piece is a masterpiece itself with stream after stream of cum shooting up Shania’s tiny figure and finishing by completely soaking her ass with creamy sperm. To see Shania’s body drenched this way would get anyone hard. Some Shania fans may be offended by the art, but when you think that people only masturbate to extremely beautiful women how could choosing Shania be wrong. Even Shania herself would have to be flattered that she still has the power to make men horny and want to stroke to her with lust and sexy thoughts. Of course there are also those who just love to see her covered in sperm. That face, those massive titties, her pussy and let’s not forget Shania’s round little ass. All make beautiful canvases for your Shania Cum Art. To see the video of Shania being spermed, head off to the Shania Twain Cum Art video gallery and start stroking to Shania today!
Shania Cum Art Videos

Aug 152010

Shania Twain Cum Art 199

Shania Twain wearing a skintight, hot, bondage, PVC outfit. Doesn’t that just get your cock hard? Of course it does, but Shania in that sexy outfit completely soaked in cum would make you even harder. Shania shows her kinkier side dressing in the tight PVC slut suit with only one thing on her mind… making cocks hard! That’s why Shania has the reputation for being a cum hungry little cock tease. Just imagine bending her over, unzipping the crotch to expose her inviting pink fuck toy, then ramming your hard cock into Cum Queen Shania’s ass to begin drilling her long and hard. Shania moans and grunts in heated lust as you fuck her wet pubes and you pull her arms behind her back to force her to bend over and allow deeper penetration. She’s helpless to resist as you violate her ass end and your sticky semen leaks into her as you build up to a massive orgasm inside her. With your final deep thrusts you have Shania screaming for your cum and you explode inside her body shooting stream after stream of sticky white sperm into her snatch. You pull your cock out of her and it drips Shania’s fuck juices on the floor as your sperm swims inside her to get her pregnant and make her your bitch. If you would like to see the video of Shania getting spermed, check out the Shania Cum Art Video gallery. Shania Cum Art Videos

Aug 152010

Shania Twain Cum Art 198

You have to love Shania’s long, dark, flowing hair. Her luscious dark locks flow behind her as she turns her head slightly and glances at the photographer. It really makes you want to grab her by the hair and force that face down on your cock impaling her moist lips and penetrating her face to give her something to suck on. You look down and Shania’s sucking gets you so horny you can’t help but begin fucking her mouth, that same mouth that spews out all those great songs. Now it’s your turn to spew into her! It doesn’t take long before the orgasm builds inside your cock and you grab her by the back of the head to pull her over your cock to ram it all the way down her throat. Your cum erupts like a geyser into Shania’s mouth as she chokes on your cock and she struggles mildly as you continue to force her head down on your cock. She chokes so hard that your cum begins dripping from her nostrils and she looks even hotter as she sniffles the cum back up into her head.

Aug 092010

Shania Twain Cum Art 197

Shania Twain has a really beautiful face. But damn if the girl isn’t more famous because of her world class titties. In this Cum Art piece you can swear they are trying to pop out and the men at the premier she attended were wishing for just that. Picture this, you’re at the show walking beside Shania and she drops one of her earrings. As she bends over to pick it up she draws your attention and before you know it, the strain on her bra has her tit popped out. Shortly after you see the glorious mammary hanging out her top, you pop out too. Shania is already on her knees so as she looks up, your cock smacks her right in the face. Like a true slut, Shania just has to slide your cock into her mouth for a quick meal and immediately begins sucking you off like a starving baby. You get harder and harder as Shania’s head bobs in and out on your cock and those talented tonsils make quick work of you coaxing a healthy dose of protein into her mouth. With her quickie meal out of the way and her earring back in place, Shania heads in for the show and another evening out.

Aug 022010

Shania Twain Cum Art 196

Shania Twain has a really beautiful face. It’s even more beautiful looking when it is covered in your hot sticky sperm! Doesn’t Shania look sexy with the cum glistening on her skin and the gooey drops of cum in her hair. It would be even more enjoyable creating the cum art on Shania herself. Imagine that pretty face looking up at you as you ram your cock down her throat, the sucking noises from Shania as she slurps your cock between her lips and that incredible sensation of lust as Shania’s tongue slides across the shaft of your cock. You grab the pretty MILF by the head and thrust mercilessly into her mouth as she continues to be your fuck toy and she moans in delight as your semen escapes the head of you cock only to be swallowed by the sperm hungry Shania. So what would be the nicest thing about spraying Shania’s face and tits with your cum? Taking her into the bathroom afterwards and washing every inch of that soft, sexy body.

Aug 012010

Shania Twain Cum Art 195

Masturbation is a wonderful thing. You’re horny, hard and ideally you have a picture of a really hot slut in front of you to get you harder. The Shania Cum Art Gallery was built on that picture of a hot slut being none other than Shania Twain. With close to 200 pictures of her covered in sperm, she is the internet’s reigning queen of cum. The incredible sensation as you stroke your cock and imagine all the dirty and wild things you would love to do to Shania if she were there in person. Things like pulling down her leather pants in this picture and shoving your cock in between her soft pink pussy lips. Thrusting deeply into her fuck hole as your semen leaks from the head of your cock into her body. You build to an intense orgasm as your hips slap against her firm round ass and suddenly you thrust as deep as you can between her ass cheeks as the orgasm hits you and you begin pumping stream after stream of warm cum into her ass. The sperm fills her belly and immediately begins swimming deeper into her body to find her eggs and fuck them too. So is jerking off to Shania fun? The Shania Twain Cum Art Gallery should be your cock hardening answer!

Jul 302010

Shania Twain Cum Art 194

Again Shania heads to an awards show with one thing on her mind… SHE NEEDS YOUR CUM ON HER FACE! This time there is no subtlety and the photo of Shania used for her Cum Art picture is messed up by the hot sticky sperm soaking into her face and chest. Nothing hotter than destroying a Shania pic in the name of art. OK, actually shooting a huge load on Shania’s face for real would be much more arousing, but she might be hard to track down for the request. This art pic shows Shania after getting hosed down pretty good. The nice thing about this dress is that it doesn’t look like Shania is wearing a bra underneath. Slip the dress off her shoulders and her bouncy soft breasts just might be staring you in the face. If that were to happen you know Shania wouldn’t be there to be jerked off on, she’d be flat on her back with a line-up of men hovering over her to tit-fuck her baby bottles. Once Shania is on the floor it wouldn’t be long before she had her legs spread wide and a line-up forming to eagerly pound her pussy and fill her with cum. Have you ever wondered if Shania has ever been fucked anally? The answer, of course she has! When she was married to Mutt she had to abstain from sex, but sex means fucking her pussy. Fucking Shania up the ass would be for entertainment so it wouldn’t be regarded as sex… just playtime. Now who wouldn’t want some playtime in Shania’s ass?

Jul 302010

Shania Twain Cum Art 193

At the Juno awards, Shania is the host and demands special attention. Being the star she requests a steady supply of fans follow her around during her interviews and keep her skin moisturized by jerking off on her flesh. The cold weather outside can dry out a girl’s skin and Shania is always aware of her skin’s needs. During this interview, she pulls her hair to the side to expose the back of her delicate neck. Eagerly a fan steps up and strokes quickly until a burst of creamy white cum shoots from his cock and sprays the side of Shania’s face and neck. Before the cream can dry, Shania massages it into her face and neck leaving a wet, glistening look to her skin as she continues the interview. Another fan quickly replaces the one who just shot his load on Shania and the country cunt quickly halts the interview to get her new supply of sperm ready by wrapping her hand around the cock and stroking it to a hard readiness. The interview continues for maybe 15 minutes then as soon as it’s over, the film crew leaves and Shania is left with her roving cum supply. Shania suddenly feels a hunger and returns to her fan dropping to her knees and taking the hard cock in her mouth to begin sucking like she were slurping on a straw. It doesn’t take long before the fan cums and Shania’s mouth is blasted with a creamy protein-rich meal. She continues to feed until every last drop of sperm is sucked from the man’s balls and he is left to spasm as he pulls out of her mouth. He heads back to the group following her around and Shania is off again.