Farmer John

Nov 042010

This picture is a cute one of Shania’s pretty face. Now who could resist shooting it full of cum? You got to love that pretty smile, that sexy strapless cock-tail dress… those HUGE fucking titties! Ahhh, babies everywhere must go crazy when they see her. Young and older babies of course. You have to wonder how Shania’s tits always appear so toned and tanned. No matter what dress she wears, you never see any tan lines. That is a definite sign that not only does Shania maintain them well, she also has to expose them in public to keep them tanned all over. So if this is the case, why can’t any paparazzi get get any pictures of Shania’s naked udders??? She has the time to lounge around topless for hours now that she doesn’t do much singing or touring so it’s not like there’s no time for her to pull them out and let hem bake in the sun for hours. If you take into account the lenses the paparazzi must have in their arsenal, a topless picture of Shania should be easy. The only way they couldn’t get their shot is if Shania heads to a tanning salon to toast her titties. Maybe she has a tanning bed in her home? All I can say is, if she spends that much effort getting them all tanned and sexy looking, she really should show them off more. Cum on Shania, your fans really want to see more of those sexy, soft, baby bottles. Go out more and wear something low cut!!!!

Oct 202010

There hasn’t been too many Shania Cum Art submissions in a little while but here is a new twist on the artwork. We’ve always been told to practice safe sex and use a condom so this Shania Cum Artist decided to do just that. I have to admit that I thought it was kind of cool to jerk off to Shania and load up a condom before dumping the entire load on Shania’s face. It brings a whole new meaning to facial and I love how it ran down the side of Shania’s chest and traveled down her wicked breast side cleavage. A load like this not only hit the spot, it would also drown poor Shania because of the concentration of cum. Now with Shania you don’t really need to practice safe sex, but it sure looks erotic when you do. If anyone else has any new and creative ways to cum on a Shania picture, send them in and don’t be afraid to have them published. All pictures are completely anonymous so you can shoot a load on Shania, and only you will know it’s your work. It’s just another way of showing Shania you love her without the world knowing who you are. Since they are quite popular in the web searches, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shania herself was taking a peek every now and then to find out who all loves her incredible beauty. Show Shania you love her!

Oct 052010

Shania loves showing off her skin. Cum Artists love shooting that tender pink skin with their creamy white sperm. It’s a match made in heaven. They say protein actually makes the skin look younger by enriching it with beneficial vitamins, minerals and hormones. If Shania were to realize that, I’m sure she’d love nothing more than a daily facial to make her look younger and more vibrant. The bonus for her is that she’d have no shortage of cream for her face and no matter where she went, men would be lining up to share their beauty cream with her. The price for Shania? Just getting on her knees and sparing a few minutes while the protein is applied to her face is all she needs to do. Well that, and maybe the cost of a good comfy set of kneepads. While the protein is very beneficial, there are drawbacks. To get those areas around her eyes, she needs to rub the cream into her eyes and eyelids and that can sting for a while. Ah the price of looking young and fuckable. Shania Cum Art Videos

Sep 012010

Shania will never learn that she shouldn’t turn her back on someone with their cock out and stroking to her presence. That hot little slutty body of hers will get shot in the back every time! Not to mention she leaves herself exposed to being thrown to the ground, her crotch ripped open, and her round ass cheeks plowed into by a very hard cock. Let’s face it, the main reason Shania decided to wear a practically see through lace body suit was because she knew how horny she would make her male fans and all the stroking and cum she would have splattering on her pictures. Shania LOVES her Cum Art and the lusty feelings she drives men to. The fans LOVE her catsuit too! The clingy fabric being ripped away as she is dragged backstage. Her genitals exposed as she is spread out on the floor for her fucking. Those huge tits clawed at to free them for some intense suckling. Her body swarmed over like ants at a picnic. All you would see of Shania is her legs spread as the men force their hard cocks into her her cunt and her arms thrashing wildly as jaws clamp down on her tender teats to pump the warm milk from her body. In the end after the show is long over all that remains is the janitor on top of Shania humping away on her unconscious body after she passes out from the long night of fucking. Sleeping like a baby and filled with gallons of baby producing sperm. Another successful Shania fucking. Check out Shania being spermed in the AdultShania Cum Art Gallery and imagine your cum soaking her body! Shania Cum Art Videos

Aug 282010

Shania stands facing you with her hands on her hips just daring you to shoot her with your cum. So you take her dare and blast the little bitch long and hard soaking her from head to crotch. When you’re done hosing her down, she gets so horny wearing your sperm she decides to strip and let you shove your cock inside her to try it again from the inside. Her jeans drop to the ground, her panties are pulled off and tossed at you and the slut lies on the floor spreading her legs waiting for your cock. You don’t wait for her to change her mind and immediately pounce on her wedging yourself between her thighs and pushing your stiff cock into her pink cunt. You want to feed on her so you rip her top off to expose her massive, fatty tits and sink your teeth into her soft, stretchy nipple to begin suckling. It isn’t long before you strike pay-dirt and Shania’s milk erupts into your mouth like a tiny geyser. Her milk tastes sweet and you gorge yourself on her bodily fluids, draining her as best you can. Suddenly your body shakes in orgasm and your cock explodes inside her filling her with some cream of your own. Shania tries to get up and leave, but you refuse to let her leaving your cock inside her throbbing fuck hole and suckling until you finish your tit juice feast. If you’d like to check out Shania getting creamed, head to the gallery. Shania Cum Art Videos

Aug 212010

Shania Twain Cum Art 202

With her silver short shorts and a tight ass, Shania knows just how to get a cock hard. But how do you put that hard cock to good use? Well, the answer is painfully obvious. Shania’s round, tight ass is more than inviting in those shorts and the only thing between you and the fuck of your life is that thin fabric protecting her pink pubes. All you need to do is get past security, jump up on the stage, grab her around the waist and wrestle her to the floor, then pull that tiny bit of silver down around her knees to expose her ass and begin the mating process. Simple. Once that round little ass is exposed, it’s all yours and you can push deeply into her tight pussy to make her grunt in delight. Shania loves being fucked doggie style and will quickly arch her back to get as much of your cock into her body as she can. This will give you the opportunity to slap her ass with your hips and stab her slippery pink meat as you ride her like a fuck doll. The fans around the stage will go wild as the Shania fucking turns them on too and everyone will be masturbating to her sensual moans and grunts of pleasure. Granted, it could be hard to nail her onstage, but after the concert she always says she’s available to her fans. If you want to watch Shania being sprayed, check out the Shania Twain Cum Art Video Collection. Shania Cum Art Videos

Aug 192010

Shania Twain Cum Art 201

Here Shania’s fat juicy tits try to escape her blouse but that damn tee-shirt underneath holds them in. Such a waste! What the fuck was Shania thinking when she got dressed that day. Normally she has no problems exposing her babies for her loving fans. Oh well, it doesn’t stop the hefty splattering of sperm on her face. Good thing she was wearing her protective shades or she would have been blinded by the sperm blast. The one thing you notice about many of the Cum Art pictures is that Shania’s face seems to be a pretty prized target. Not so much that the cum just happened to splatter her in the face, but the whole picture is a nice face shot, with an even nicer facial shot. There are also those pictures where fans love to shoot their load between Shania’s titties and others enjoy the satisfaction of firing their load all over Shania’s crotch or equally enjoyable… her ass. Some could argue that creating a Shania Twain Cum Art pic, is almost like having sex with Shania herself. You get the arousal from masturbating to her beauty, the intense sensation of the orgasm and shooting your load all over Shania’s face or body, and that final sexual gratification of the finished picture where you can admire Shania’s loveliness soaked in your cum. There really is no finer way to pay tribute to a really sexy lady.

Aug 152010

Shania Twain Cum Art 200

We are finally here at the 200th Shania Twain Cum Art pic and this is one VERY hot Shania Cum Art shot. What better way to say “I I love Shania Twain SHANIA!” than pulling out one of your favorite pictures of her and shooting a loving load of cum all over her gorgeous body. This picture is the perfect example of the Shania love shot. Our little lady gets completely soaked all the way up her body, but even sexier is the cum soaking into her ass. The accompanying video for this Cum Art piece is a masterpiece itself with stream after stream of cum shooting up Shania’s tiny figure and finishing by completely soaking her ass with creamy sperm. To see Shania’s body drenched this way would get anyone hard. Some Shania fans may be offended by the art, but when you think that people only masturbate to extremely beautiful women how could choosing Shania be wrong. Even Shania herself would have to be flattered that she still has the power to make men horny and want to stroke to her with lust and sexy thoughts. Of course there are also those who just love to see her covered in sperm. That face, those massive titties, her pussy and let’s not forget Shania’s round little ass. All make beautiful canvases for your Shania Cum Art. To see the video of Shania being spermed, head off to the Shania Twain Cum Art video gallery and start stroking to Shania today!
Shania Cum Art Videos

Aug 152010

Shania Twain Cum Art 199

Shania Twain wearing a skintight, hot, bondage, PVC outfit. Doesn’t that just get your cock hard? Of course it does, but Shania in that sexy outfit completely soaked in cum would make you even harder. Shania shows her kinkier side dressing in the tight PVC slut suit with only one thing on her mind… making cocks hard! That’s why Shania has the reputation for being a cum hungry little cock tease. Just imagine bending her over, unzipping the crotch to expose her inviting pink fuck toy, then ramming your hard cock into Cum Queen Shania’s ass to begin drilling her long and hard. Shania moans and grunts in heated lust as you fuck her wet pubes and you pull her arms behind her back to force her to bend over and allow deeper penetration. She’s helpless to resist as you violate her ass end and your sticky semen leaks into her as you build up to a massive orgasm inside her. With your final deep thrusts you have Shania screaming for your cum and you explode inside her body shooting stream after stream of sticky white sperm into her snatch. You pull your cock out of her and it drips Shania’s fuck juices on the floor as your sperm swims inside her to get her pregnant and make her your bitch. If you would like to see the video of Shania getting spermed, check out the Shania Cum Art Video gallery. Shania Cum Art Videos

Aug 152010

Shania Twain Cum Art 198

You have to love Shania’s long, dark, flowing hair. Her luscious dark locks flow behind her as she turns her head slightly and glances at the photographer. It really makes you want to grab her by the hair and force that face down on your cock impaling her moist lips and penetrating her face to give her something to suck on. You look down and Shania’s sucking gets you so horny you can’t help but begin fucking her mouth, that same mouth that spews out all those great songs. Now it’s your turn to spew into her! It doesn’t take long before the orgasm builds inside your cock and you grab her by the back of the head to pull her over your cock to ram it all the way down her throat. Your cum erupts like a geyser into Shania’s mouth as she chokes on your cock and she struggles mildly as you continue to force her head down on your cock. She chokes so hard that your cum begins dripping from her nostrils and she looks even hotter as she sniffles the cum back up into her head.