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Sep 092016


Shania has a new book where she talks about her life. The one thing that I found the most interesting is that she mentions that she started fucking when she was only 14 years old. That leaves only a couple questions… did Shania enjoy being ANALLY FUCKED??? Or maybe Shania preferred a nasty three-way where she gets DOUBLE PENETRATED in her ass AND cunt! There is no doubt about one thing and that is she had her tits sucked a lot. Girls with huge nipples and huge tits like Shania’s have them because they get sucked on a lot, or play with their nipples a lot. Either way it makes Shania a very juicy cow to feed on. Can you imagine a 14 year old Shania being gang banged out of her mind?

Dec 042011

Shania gets her star on the walk of fame and treats everyone to a good look down her blouse. They’re big and tanned, they’re as soft as a baby’s bottom and they hang like a cow’s swollen udders from her chest when she bends over. What could possibly be more a more beautiful sight than that? OK, Shania naked and on her hands and knees would have been much more desirable… and much more cow-like. Imagine the fun dragging Shania off the bed in the morning and placing a small pail under her after forcing her to her hands and knees. You grab her erect nipples and start pulling them away from her body to coax as much of her fresh milk as you can out of her body. She lets out little moans of delight as you milk her and it takes every last bit of restraint not to mount her from behind and fuck her brains out forgetting all about her milk. “Moo!” if your horny Shania, give us a “Moo!”

Dec 022011

In this picture it looks like Shania can’t wait to strip out of her clothes and be painted with sperm. Unfortunately for the tiny brunette she wasn’t fast enough and only managed to partially remove her jacket before taking a load between her enormous tits. In the end though her undressing means nothing as she is repeatedly shot in the face by the gooey cum and is forced to hold her breath or drown in the thick white cream. It would be very arousing to watch her pull the ribbon holding her pants up and wiggle out of her jeans to expose more flesh for the artist and treat all the people watching to her huge tits dangling under her as she does it. The hot little bitch is an entertainer from her tits to her ass.

Nov 252011

This framed Shania picture looks really cute. Imagine an entire art gallery of Shania pictures. Her pretty face, that luscious body, those mind blowing fat jiggly tits all around you and there to serve only one purpose… to get you extremely horny! The pictures in the gallery are all strategically hung at waist height for a very special reason. No, it isn’t so that short people to admire her, it’s so that men and women can masturbate to her pictures and ultimately shoot her in the face with their sticky sperm. In the evenings the pictures and floor are cleaned and the gallery of Shania all set for some more cock juice. The picture here has a nice hefty load of cum splattering Shania’s pretty face and by the end of the day would have much more. Ahhh Shania, she brings out the horny little artist in us all.

Nov 152010

Shania Twain has been called a succubus by some overly religious people during her career because of her beauty and the way she dresses to make men horny. For those of you who aren’t up on your demonology, a succubus is a female demon that is extremely attractive and seduces men in order to have sex and fuck the life out of them to collect their sperm. OK, Shania could definitely be a succubus then. Here Shania is wearing a very low cut top and is looking like she really wants to be fucked long and hard. Looking at this picture you can almost see her straddling a man’s body in her crouched position, his stiff cock pushing up into her pussy as she rides him to orgasm. Those big tits of Shania’s bouncing up and down as she drains him of his life… and his cum! Unfortunately for our little demon the man pulls his cock out of her at the last second and sprays her in the face. Oh well Shania, there are many more men willing to shove their cocks into you and fill you with cum.